Automatic Hand Sanitizer, Gel Station


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-Pump Type: Liquid
-Drop Dose: 0.3-0.4ml
-Capacity: 1000mL
-Housing Material: ABS Aluminum Alloy with anodizing finish
-Power Supply: Dry Battery 4pcs “C” size Alkaline batteries
-Sense Distance: 5-10cm
-LED: Blue light when power is low and slowly flashing blue when battery needs replacement.
-Safety Auto Switch System: Power Shutoff when cover is opened (Auto On/Off Switch with cover open close sensor)
-Product Size: 58”in H x 6” 1/2 in D x 7” 1/2in W
Base Size: 12” Diameter
Weight: 25lbs “without gel or batteries”

**Hand Sanitizer Gel and Batteries not included.


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